Things to do before/when your dumpster arrives

When you're about to undertake a large home improvement renovation or project, it's hard to keep everything organized. There's lots of things to keep track of and details can get overlooked. When you're renting a dumpster at the start of your project, you'll want to make sure everything's ready to go and that nothing will keep your dumpster from being delivered, thus holding up your progress. Before that truck shows up, take some time to pave the way for this important piece of your project.

Get the proper clearance

Just in case you didn't take care of this step before renting a dumpster, it's important to get the necessary clearances and permits from the proper authorities before your dumpster arrives to the worksite. Usually, it's simple to find out who you need to file a permit with or seek confirmation from. If placing a dumpster in the city, you'll probably have to file for a permit with the city planning office. In neighborhoods, you may have to speak to a homeowner's association. It's much better to find out ahead of time as additional fees and fines from not having the proper clearance can drive up the cost of your project, or you may be required to remove the dumpster altogether.

Preparing a place for your dumpster

If you're planning on having your dumpster directly in front of your worksite, make sure the area is level with a smooth surface so that the dumpster won't roll or move in any direction. There should be sufficient distance from the trees as the truck carrying the dumpster needs adequate room to back up and lower the dumpster into place. Also, remove any barriers from the front of your home to the dumpster. You'll be making quite a few trips back and forth while you're throwing things out, so take care that any lawn furniture or lawn d├ęcor is properly put away. If you want to protect your lawn from constant foot traffic, make a path on the driveway or other walkways.

Discuss with the neighbors

While you may have the permits and the place ready to go, keep in mind that if you're going to have a sizable dumpster rolled in front of your place, your neighbors may have no inkling that anything's going on. If your neighborhood depends a lot on street parking, the addition of a dumpster could take up some space while it's there. A dumpster, plus the possibly noisy activity going on at your home, could raise a few eyebrows. Just for the sake of a peaceful neighborhood, consider talking with your closest neighbors and give them a heads up of when you'll be undertaking your project and for how long.

Once you've taken care of all the details before your dumpster arrives, it's time for the big arrival. When your dumpster makes it to your worksite, make sure you mind the following.

Watch for onlookers

Kids (and adults) can be mesmerized by the arrival of a huge truck coming to drop off your dumpster. However, with all the movement of heavy equipment, it can be dangerous to be near the area during this time. Keep observers a good distance away while the driver is delivering your rental dumpster to you.

Collaborate with the driver

Before setting down your dumpster, consult with your driver to make sure everything is clear and that there's enough room to deliver and pick up the dumpster. Again, check for trees, utility lines, or any other obstacles that may affect the unloading of the dumpster. If there's a potential issue with where you would want your dumpster placed, your driver should be able to point them out to you.

With a few precautions, you can be sure that at least the dumpster rental part of your project will go along smoothly. Things such as getting the necessary permits, communicating with your neighbors, and providing a safe area for your dumpster are great ways to ensure you have a safe and problem free dumpster rental. While we can't promise that the rest of your project will run as smoothly, your dumpster rental company will do its best to make sure your dumpster rental will be a piece of cake.