Dumpster rental or DIY disposal?

Thanks to a host of TV shows and online tutorials, many people are taking their home improvement plans into their own hands and are moving forward with remodeling projects. While we applaud that spirit of wanting to improve your home by learning more about improvement projects and getting started on them, there might be one area you could use some assistance in.

If your project is going to amount to loads of discarded materials, such as a remodeling project, a room addition, or even just clearing out lots of unwanted junk, some people may take the DIY route and determine to just remove all of the discarded material themselves. After all, why go through the process of renting a dumpster when they can just drive all the material to a dumpsite? But before you start loading up your vehicle with your first load of waste, you may want to compare the benefits of renting a dumpster versus doing your waste removal yourself.

Time concerns

Usually, the most pressing concern people have on a project is time. Will you have time to do this upgrade or take care of that problem? Will this be delivered on time or installation? Nothing makes you watch your watch like a tight deadline where every minute counts. This is when you'll be glad your waste receptacle is right outside your door rather than outside the city limits. All that heavy material you need to get rid of? No need to chauffeur it to a dumping station, because your dumping station is right on the street. When your rental company picks up your dumpster, what they're really doing is saving you from constant travel back and forth to the dumping station so you can focus more on your project.


When you're amassing tons of waste material, it may sound strange but you'll need a home for all of it before you can have it removed. Bagging it up and leaving it in front of your house might not be an option if your neighbors aren't particularly thrilled at the sight of trash bags piling up on your driveway, reaching majestically into the sky. You could put them in the garage, but that would be dealing with a few assumptions such as you having a garage to put waste in and your garage having enough room to hold everything. But with a rental dumpster, all the waste material has a place to go until it goes away. No bags on the driveway, no potentially sharp and dangerous waste in the garage.

Wear and tear

Another great thing about dumpster rentals is that they bring the dumpster straight to your worksite and then remove it when you're ready. When you're putting everything you have into your project, it's comforting to know the discarded materials are taken care of. No bagging everything up. No piling everything into the car while possibly injuring your back. No putting additional miles on your car by constant driving to the dumping station. No having to unload your car and injuring your back some more. Renting a dumpster can help save your sanity and possibly your spinal column.

Cost effective

When you think about all the costs associated with taking care of the trash removal yourself, you'll need to factor everything from trash bags to gas for driving, not to mention what your own time is worth. After you add up everything it's going to cost you in time and resources, you may come to the decision that renting a dumpster is the best course of action in terms of time and money spent. One main cost for renting a dumpster might be outweighed by the countless smaller costs of doing it yourself.

So renovate, declutter, and do all those great things that make your house feel like home. But when it comes to trash removal, you don't have to go it alone. Let a dumpster rental company help out so that you can put all your attention where it belongs, on making your home the best it can be. And when the dumpster is picked up and driven away, all that'll be left behind is your improved house thanks to your hard work.