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Illinois Dumpster Rental

Working out what size dumpster truck you should hire can be difficult, because there are several sizes to choose from. Choosing the right size is important to save time and costs – you don't want to pay for a hauler that is too large, meaning you don't use it enough. You also don't want to pay for a hauler that is too small, meaning several trips to the local landfill. Here are some tips on estimating the most suitable size.

Dumpster trucks are measured in cubic yards. That is, 1 yard high x 1 yard long x 1 yard wide. While there might be some variations in size, most companies in Illinois will have similar containers available for hire:

12 Cubic Yards: This amount is generally the amount of waste from a 1-car garage clean-up. Cleaning out a small to average-sized garden can also generate roughly this much waste. If you have some light debris after a storm, this size truck will be able to fulfill your requirements. Also, this size is suitable for cleaning out a large room, such as a large basement or attic, or a kitchen remodeling job. It is usually the smallest regular dumpster truck size.

These trucks are suitable if you think you have a job that is too big for your own car to tow away the waste, or if you want the convenience of being able to remove all your waste in one go.

15 Cubic Yards: This size is usually sufficient for jobs such as an average-sized garden or a moderate remodeling job. This truck is especially useful for cleaning up after storm damage, and tends to be popular for that purpose. This volume of truck can generally hold up to 250 square feet of deck, 750 square feet of 4” thick concrete, or 2500 square feet of single layer roof shingles, making it suitable for small home construction or renovation jobs. They are also suitable for shed construction or removal.

This size is popular for people who know they will generate a decent amount of waste, but don't think they need the larger containers.

20 Cubic Yards: The second-largest dumpster truck size, these haulers are suitable for 2-car garage clean-ups. They are usually seen around room-size construction work, such as removing or adding a small room or laundry. They are also popular with those undertaking large garden clean-ups and for waste generated after a moderate home renovation.

These trucks tend to be suitable for most home renovation requirements.

30 Cubic Yards: The largest dumpster truck available for hire. These haulers are suitable for all major works which can generate large amounts of waste. They are good for large-scale home renovations, such as the removal or addition of an average to large-size room, or several small rooms. They can also be used for commercial purposes, such as cleaning out office buildings and malls.

These dumpster trucks are best suited to big jobs. Generally you will see these dumpster trucks on construction sites, which gives you an idea of their size. If you are hiring these out, you will also need to consider whether you have enough space to park them while you are loading your waste. They can be obstructive to traffic if you are not careful. Most people who hire haulers of this size tend to locate them in public car parks or else they have a large yard or other flat area.

When you are thinking of hiring a dumpster truck, you will have to consider the amount of waste you might generate. Being generous with your estimates is a good idea, because it is always better to hire a larger truck for the job than a smaller one. A larger truck gives you greater capacity, meaning that it can handle any differences in your estimates. It's always better to over-estimate the potential amount of waste you will generate.

Dumpster truck companies in Illinois can advise you regarding size requirements. They can suggest the best size hauler for you if you are unsure. Our online booking system can also help with this, by showing you diagrams of what you can fit into a truck. Our booking system gives the dimensions of the different hauler trucks, which gives you a clear representation of their size.